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Does anyone else out there have Asperger syndrome and acne?

Just wanting to know if i was completely alone in this world.

I only have a fairly mild case of Asperger's yet have acne that changes from moderate to farily severe. I try my absolute hardest to forget that i have either problem. I have only mentioned that i have aspegrers to about 3 people (other than family) yet i suspect that some othera might feel that iam more than just shy.

I feel so down at the moment as i have been makeing a huge effort to fit in at a new job. I have even been getting to know a girl that i really like. She is really nice and despite the fact that she had boyfreind i felt that there might of been some connection between us. She had claimed that she didnt care what a guy looked like and that it was down to personality alone. She also realised that i was a little different yet had often said how quiet and shy she was herself. Because she had a boyfriend (who was allegedly her first and only) of 3 yrs whom she had often claimed to "love" i did nothing.

Then the other day was a staff night out and whilst i certainly didnt expect anything to happen, somewhere in the back of my mind i still had some hope. Then she goes and gets drunk and makes out with the best looking most cocky and arrogant little shit at our workplace. As far as i know she had not split up with her boyfriend, yet obviously found his charms irrestable. At least he boyfriend seemed a really nice, genuine guy. She is just going to be another notch on the bed post to this guy.

Why is it that women love bastards

All is for nought

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What exactly is asperger's syndrome?

I read about it quickly online and it said suffers are socially awkward, do not grasp the concept of personal space and other social cues. I'm socially awkward but what makes me different from someone who is diagnosed? Is this similar to having social anxiety? Or do sufferers not even realize what is occurring?

I'm sorry this woman hurt you. I think it is hard in relationships especially if the relationship isn't super strong (and you haven't been with many others) and you meet people you wouldn't mind dating. It gets complicated, and her behavior doesn't mean you are any less dateable. Just maybe she has issues of her own.

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