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More questions...sorry!

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I think I must have a new question about this stuff every single day!

So how often do all you spiro users have your potassium tested? My derm seems to be set on testing mine every single month, and he won't give me any refills. I get 60 50mg pills a month with no refills, and my next appt is always scheduled for exactly 30 days, so I get a blood test and can't get a new supply called in to my pharmacy until the potassium test results come back, which takes a few days. So far this has left me without any spiro for a for a few days the last two months, which seems like it can't be such a good thing.

I have a mail in prescription program where I can get 3 months of a script for the price of one, but because he will only give me one at a time, I have to pay monthly instead of taking advantage of the mail in savings. Also, my insurance doesn't cover the lab test, so being on spiro is actually costing me about $100 a month in blood test fees.

Does anyone else have a doctor who finds it necessary to test potassium levels monthly? Mine have always been in range, never high, so I don't see the need.

Problem is, now that I'm starting to see some good results from spiro (some unexpected: I love my new flat stomach and fuller chest!) I'd hate to have to give up on it, but at this point in time it's getting too expensive. I'm going to talk to him about this at my next appt, because I wish he'd told me upfront how many repeat visits and how much expense this would entail.

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It sounds like your derm is being excessive, or at least overly cautious. I'm not saying your derm is like this, but some are just after the business, having you come in every month unnecessarily if you have great insurance. A blood test every thirty days after you have shown to tolerate spiro well? Nah.

My derm checked my potassium levels at 3 months, then said I should have my blood chemistry checked once per year. Now my primary care prescribes the meds and I order 3 months at a time. I don't even see the derm anymore.

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I have been thinking the same thing. I have been going back to the derm once every 2 months & she's ordering bloodwork every time. It's a big expense, even though the med is not bad (around $25/mo with no ins). I would be much happier paying for 1 drs visit/yr!

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I was on Spironlactone for almost 2 year and my dermatologist never even mentioned me getting my potassium levels checked! Which now kind of worries me...

I got off of Spironlactone in November and have broken out since. Needless to say I'm back on it. My advice, stay on it! It works wonders :)

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I agree with the above. My daughter has been on it over a year and is away at college so she hardly ever sees him except to get refills. She orders three months at a time too. I make her go in the summer and she usually does get a blood test but her levels are always normal. I agree that you need a different doctor.

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