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I've never had serious acne, but do to my own poor skin care (I picked at my face too much) I ended up making several of my pores gigantic. So, my dermatologist recommended Retin-A. It worked, but it completely dried my skin out. I quit using it several months ago.

To regain all of the moisture I lost in my forehead and to get rid of the large patch of leathery, rough skin that developed, I started using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, with SPF, Alpha Hydroxy. It has worked quite well. After I rinse my skin, it looks flawless. The problem is, after a few minutes, it starts to look shiny. Then, after 30 minutes to an hour, it looks really oily. I'm not sure if my skin is actually really oily, or if it just appears to be oily. And, finally, my skin feels slightly rough and scaly. Is that the dead skin compiling? Should I use something to remove it? How long should I stick with the AHA?

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Another question, will my skin change when I do eventually quit using it? Because, currently, my skin looks really shiny and oily. But, before I used Retin-A and AHA, I never had any problems with shininess or oiliness.

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it just sounds like the lotion is too oily for you. Since you're no longer on Retin-A your skin has probably gotten much less dry, and you likely need less lotion. Either try using less or find one that doesn't feel greasy. I always like teh Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer spf 25. It does a good job without looking shiny.

You should exfoliate if your skin feels rough and scaly. It's probably all the dead skin building up from the AHA.

I just ordered Complex 15, which I've heard is a good moisturizer that isn't too oily/shiny. Hopefully it works.

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