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Does the pain of acne ever get you down?

I know that the way acne makes you look gets a lot of people depressed. How about the actual pain of it?

Right now I have this somewhat large pimple on my face. It's above my lip, resting on the bottom of my nose, right where it meets with my lip. It HURTS. Even right now as I type this, I can feel it stinging. If I try and smile, it stretches a bit and is really painful.

I've had it for like a week now. I can't smile. The whole feeling of it is just making me feel down. It doesn't look bad because it's very light and you can't even see it that much, being under my nose kind of. It's just the way it hurts is really depressing. I feel twice as ugly as usual because of it. Anyone else ever feel like this?

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ugghh yeah. When i was 17 and on accutane i had these 2 pimples on my forehead, they were on my hairline, so you couldn't even see them because the hair covered them, but they were right next to each other, 1 was small, the other was big, but they were mainly under the skin so it wasn't big on the outside. This thing wouldn't go away and they hurt so fucking badly! It felt like a bump on my head, i remember saying this feels like i was dropped on my head even though i wasn;t. They hurt so bad sometimes just my hair over them would hurt. I used to work overnight shifts at the time, and i used to bring bottles and bottles of water to work that were frozen, and i would rest m head on the ice, then as soon as it melted, i would drink the whole bottle hoping water would help the skin and bring out the next bottle of ice and repeat the process. I would ice this all night. Finally 2 weeks alter i had a derm appointment after work at 7:30am, i was all groggy and not feeling well, and the woman gave me 2 shots in the head. She gave me an actual needle injection right in the dead center of this really painful cyst on my head, it stung like hell but at the same time felt good. and that was the end of that.

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I know exactly how you feel the pain is all i can think about i dont even have that much acne but the ones i have hurt... ugh

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