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Hormones in Meat and Dairy

Okay, so awhile ago I read the book "Skinny Bitch," and I vaguely remember it mentioning something about how meat and dairy products in the US are full of extra growth hormones and antibiotics. The author hinted at the fact that this could be the cause of early puberty in girls, cancer, PCOS, and hormonal acne.

Now, I kind of took this with a grain of salt, because the authors of the book definitely had an almost political agenda to switch readers over to a vegan diet. So of course they're going to say anything they can to scare people away from eating meat. (Also, I really like meat and dairy, and that's where I get my protein from, so I'd be pretty screwed if I suddenly had to stop eating them.)

But, I have heard the milk hormones -> early puberty thing in at least a couple of other places. Can't remember where, but I know I've heard it before.

So I was wondering, does anyone know anything about this? Do the hormones that we eat really cause hormonal acne? Is anyone here actually a vegan, who still has this problem? My doctor is actually a specialist in female hormones, so I'll ask him next time I see him... but does anyone have any info in the meantime?

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I don't know much of the facts, but speaking from personal experience and dairy products tend to break me out. At least before Accutane. I dont know much about beef because I don't really eat beef. Out of all the approaches I took to clearing my acne, other than Accutane which im currently on, a holistic approach did the most to clear me. I truly do believe you are what you eat.

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