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Please help me!

Hello. My name is Brandon and I have had mild acne for a few years now. I didn't really start taking action until a few months ago. I have tried all kinds of facial scrubs from CVS and none have helped.

Currently, I am using this and this

I wash my face in the shower using the Foaming Facial Cleanser and then use the Spot Treatment on particularity noticeable buggers. I take a shower when I get up and before I go to bed.

The Facial Cleanser has left my skin extremely dry. Should I stop using it? Should I just get some moisturizing lotion to cover up the dry spots? Will the lotion cause more acne because of how oily it is?

I noticed that when I slept (on my belly, side of face on pillow) I would get more acne. Since, I have changed sleeping positions and now sleep on my back with my face in the air, not touching anything.

In short, I've used everything and nothing is working. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I should do!

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I am having a hard time pulling up the links - for some reason. Have you posted on the DKR Regimens and see what they say? I think you are just using a cleanser and the spot treament is Salycylic acid. You may need to try Dan's regimen first - unless you have already and then see how your skin does. I encourage you to read through the Org and read how Dan's regimen works and see some of the results have if you haven't. If have tried Benzoyl Peroxide, let us know, that will help others point you in a different direction.

I think a moisturizer is super important, and there are brands that you can buy from CVS that we can recc. for you. Also, if your skin is super dry, you may want to learn how to exfoliate too.

Let us know...

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Salicylic isn't really that effective as a spot treat (contrary to what Clean & Clear would like you to think!). Salicylic works to exfoliate and prevent your pores from clogging up in the first place - so it is better used as an all-over preventative treatment. It probably does very little for treating active pimples. You might want to take a look at the acne.org regimen (also known as Dan's Regimen). It is meant for exactly the type of acne you have - mild inflamed acne (and I presume you have inflamed acne, rather than noninflamed?). It uses benzoyl peroxide to clear the skin, which would probably be better at treating your acne than the salicylic spot treatment is.

The goal is to prevent the acne from forming in the first place, so whatever product you use, you want to use it consistently, (every day) over all acne prone areas of your skin.

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