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REALLY sensitive skin

I'm now beggining my 3rd month on ro-accutane and i'm noticing my skin's gettin really sensitive....

I don't mean in affect on my acne... I've had sensitive skin throughout the course and i just stick to the same product that doesnt irratate or bother me.... so thats fine.

But after washing up the other day...i had an allergic reaction on the back of my hands n a stinging red rash across them... I can still feel the the slight dryness and see faint marks where it was now.

I mean... i kno ive always joked about being allergic to doing the dishes.

But i think its starting to slightly take the piss now #-o

Anyone else found things like this occuring?

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It's a pretty common side effect, almost like a pre-eczema condition. It comes and goes on the back of my hands and upper arms. I would just drink a lot of water, use a lot of moisturizer, and use as mild a soap as you can. Don't overwash. I really like the Lever 2000 soap myself.

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Thank you for reply.... Put my mind at rest that little more.

Ive recently had several small dry patches appear on my upper arm aswell.

But thats totally different to the reaction i got on hands..That was deffo a allergic reaction or some sort...

Just really sensitive skin like said.. i guess.

I shower in the morning and also bath most nights..Maybe thats overwashing?... But it's what ive always done regardless of acne.

I'll just use a proper moisturiser instead on babyoil now..see if that helps.

Thanks again smile.gif

By the way... How many mg a day are you on? ...if you dont mind me asking..

It's just my dosage is quite low compared to most ro-acc users, I would of thought the lower the dosage the less side affects... But i seem to be getting alot.

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