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i heard that if being injected by cortisone steroid,the skill of the doctor is an important factor to care.if the doctor inject too much,the raised scar could be indented(which is more ugly :shock: ).

is this true?should i allow the nurse to fulfill this procedure?also,is there more things to care if i choose the injection with cortisone steroid?

the effect of vbeam is only for the redness,is this true?

the raised scar could be spread all over your body as i see in some picture.what should i do to prevent this?

i appreciate any advices.thank in advance for any reply.

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The scar can spread if you form keloids easyly. Its genetic. Im not sure how much does the skill of the doctor/nurse got to do whit the results of the shots.

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Thanks for your kind reply.i had some keloids scar because of acne.In the past,the nurse use a needle to prize up the acnes,which caused my keloids scar now.As in my family,there aren't anybody suffering this kind of scar,should i worry about the spread of keloids?

what could i expect (or worry)from cortisone steroid injection?i'm also lasered by vbeam for the treatment of keloids scars.

i appreciate any opinions.Thank you.

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