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Medicines available in Mexico- - HELP.. Please????

Okay so previously I was using Clindamycin paired with Dan's Regimine. Which was not working. I had been on that for about a month. And I still broke out!

So anyways I'm in Mexico and I ran out of BOTH benzoyl peroxide AND clindamycin!!!

We went to one farmacia (pharmacy) and asked what they have for acne - apparently you can get Retin-A and Clindamycin Over-The-Counter here without a prescription! They had BP but it was 10%- a percentage much too high for my skin to handle - I turn into a flakey tomato if I use that stuff. Retin-A doesn't do much for me either/

I bought the Clindamycin because I need it atleast - but I don't know what to do now. I brought along a Proactiv Sulfur 5% mask tube that I have left over from a longggg time ago, and I've been putting it on nightly and leaving it on while I sleep... It's really been helping since I don't have BP any longer... BUT... GET THIS... I just got some new spots!!! I have been very faithful, NO sunscreen even, (I stay in the shade) Clindamycin 3x a day, a mask overnight each night, and I'm still breaking out?!?

My skin is not even dry. It's greasy and breaking out and I want to just go punch something!!

I have mild acne - occasionally moderate but the main problem is that I have TONS of these small spots on my cheeks, uneven skintone, and tons of blackheads. I also often have like 5 active spots on my face, and I remind you, I am VERY faithful on whatever regimen I'm doing... I used to wear makeup but now I just find it bothersome because really it still looks like I have acne when I cover it up!! So now I'm just "what the heck.." and don't even bother with it.

I have tried these so far: (over the course of 2 years)

-Retin-A alone

-Retin-A + Benzaclin

-Benzaclin alone

-Salacylic Acid

-Pro-Activ Regimen

-Salacylic Acid + BP

-Clindamycin + Retin-A

-Clindamycin + Sulfur

-Clindamycin + BP

I need something new to try... any advice? If it's available in Mexico, that's even better 'cuz I won't have to go to the doctor to get it.

THANK YOU. I feel embarrassed to go out in public :(

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My face is getting rougher by the second... HELP!!

:doh: Someone please??

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