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cruise + international travel on accutane

Hi guys,

I'll be going on a 7 day cruise in June and will by then be on my 3rd month of accutane. What sunscreens can you recommend that will do the best job to protect my skin? I've always used the oil free stuff prior to accutane but I know I'm not supposed to with these meds. I'm planning on at least an spf30 and of course slathering it on regulary but would like some product name recomendations. Thanks!

Also, has anyone ever traveled internationally with accutane? I'll be going backpacking in Europe this summer for 2 months (july and august) and was wondering if anyone had any experience. Do I need a dr note proving I have the right to carry it? I asked my derm and she didn't know but is looking into it. It would be great if anyone here had some real experience with it. I'm assuming I'll have to declare at customs anyway so it probably wouldn't be a bad idea but I don't want to get to month 4/5 and then have my accutane confiscated so I have to start over haha. (I'm assuming I won't have any probs on the international cruise as we are 'checked in' so to speak in Miami).

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okay, this is a little off topic, but its my personal experience.

i know for a fact you cant export them out of the country. but for personal usage it should be fine.

drugs are only usually confiscated if they show up to be on a band list of substances.

like the illegal ones such as amphetamines and stuff like that that. they should be able to see

when going through customs that you have declared it. and it isnt illegal and its for your personal use.

however if you have millions of dollars worth of it, then theirs gonna be a problem lol.

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Thanks for the reply! haha I'll be sure to leave my suitcases full of accutane at home then and just take the doses I'll need on the trips. I figured as long as I declared I'd be OK but I think I might get a note from my doc just to be safe (not so worried about most of the trip but we will be hitting some more 'obscure' european countries and I'd like to cover all my bases.)

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