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Found this interesting....

Ok guys have a read of this, i don't know if anything similar has been posted but as you may know, hair follicles have a large number of stem cells at the base of them. This small article seems to suggest scientists are using them to their advantage of creating new layers of skin, check it out.


"Posted on: Dec 28, 2007

Chinese researches evaluated feasability of using human hair follicle bulge cells to repair full-thickness skin wound. They used technique based on combining cultured hair follicle stem cells with cultured dermal papilla cells. These two types of cells in proportion 1:2 respectively were seeded into PGA-collagen scaffolds. Then the keratinocyte sheets were seeded onto the surfaces of the scaffolds as bioengineered epidermis. These final engineered artificial skins were transplanted to repair the full-thickness wound in mouse model.

Such artificial skins were found to be effective in preparing full-thickness skin defects. However, no new hair follicles were formed in these experiments.

Reference: Wang HT, Chen B, Tang CW, Hu DH. (2007). Primary observation on construction of skin with human hair follicle bulge cells with tissue engineering technique. Zhonghua Shao Shang Za Zhi"

Also see


Sorry if it has already been posted.

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Wow, interesting read, thanks for sharing!

All of us here can only hope that science will save our faces, sooner rather than later. Lifes too short to suffer from this.

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