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I just got out of a controlling, possessive relationship (less than a week ago, literally), and there is no doubt in my mind that I lost one friend because of him. My ex was my social life. And I was basically his social life. We made the mutual decision of ending our relationship, and the very next day he tried to get back with me. This has happened before, but I resisted despite his promises and pleadings, and he has been harassing my family and I for the past couple of days. Like, one message says he loves me and wants me back, another says that he hates me and whatnot, etc. (He did not try to contact me today, which makes me paranoid and suspicious.)

While having all this free time is wonderful (it seemed that he demanded my company every waking moment), I am trying to think of friends to hang out with. One friend moved states away a couple of years ago (we have visited each other on breaks), and another friend goes to college states away. I have a friend who commutes to college like I do, but we sort of lost touch a few months back, and she has a job and all these family obligations to keep her busy. I was thinking of calling up an old guy friend, but am paranoid that my ex will find out and start harassing me again. (One E-mail he sent me was accusations that I broke up with him to be with someone else.) I have one friend at school (again, I commute) but we usually only do lunch.

So I *do* have people to hang out with, but it's all a matter of communication, and they all have their social circles to keep them busy on weekends. =/

And as soon as my chin starts to clear up, new pimples sprout! I get the pustules and then these lumps that are sort of "underground" and never come to a head. It is so frustrating. Despite this, now I keep getting these big, painful ones along my hairline. This makes me want to just stay inside. =(

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hey i once dated some1 who just got out of a relationship and she always acted like she dint want her ex to know when she was with me, and every time i thought what if we bump into this guy? He probably wants to smash me face in if he ever sees me.

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