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lots of little red pimple dots on face

Ok this is pretty wierd. I admit that I stopped using the regimen simply because it took a little too long to follow and became a hassle, especially since now I'm in college.

I don't get like big sized pimples but occasionally I get red bumps that sometimes turn into white heads. But my pain problem is of my cheeks I have all these red dots that you can see very clearly. It's not like acne and zits that protrude out high, but more like small red marks that are semi flat, but not 100% skin-leveled.

My skin is very wierd.. right below my cheeks, near the chin, my skin has a nice color and doesn't have any marks or pimple traces. But my cheeks is like invaded with pimples, discoloration marks, etc..

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What you are describing still sounds like acne to me. You must have very small pores. I got those bumps in areas where I have small pores using the Murad Acne regimen. If that is the case you may not need such an agressive routine like Dan's.

Try Botchla's routine. Many people have gotten results with it. He's on the over the counter meds board and a couple of pages back now until it's bumped up. Here's the link


Good Luck!

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hmm interesting stuff..

well.. i dunno if it would work for me cause I have dry skin. At home my skin is not too dry and not over oily. Well at college it's really dry there cause it's sort of in the desert area. If I just wash my face at night even without any soap/cleanser when showering and come out and wait 10 mins, my forhead and cheeks are already slightly peeling. I can see little bits of flake, not shedding skin but little dead skin.

If I use both SA and BP it's gonna kill my face. Hm I'm in a bad situation. All acne products peel your skin or somethin so it's gonna be worse? What's wierd is I used Neutrogena Multivitamin Acne thing and my skin didn't peal as bad.

sigh. What to do.

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I would try Bothla's regimen and add one of Dan's recommeneded moisturizers.

For the flakes you talk about, I use Nivea Visage Alcohol Free Moisturizing toner with chamomile and aloe, morning and night and the flakes end up on the cotton balls (you can see them) and you don't even have to rub hard before the Cetaphil moisturizer in Dan's routine.

Also, I've seen people on Botchla's routine that change it to suit their needs but you would have to read through all their posts because I don't remember how they changed it. Something like use the SA and BP at night and only use the BP alone in the morning or vice versa.

Good Luck and don't give up just keep reading the board.

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