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Aghaigh Dearg

spots on legs!

Ok Im getting acne on my legs. Just the below the knee to heel areas of em. Not many either but enough to annoy me. I shave my legs because Im in shorts nearly three times a week and my hair grows fast so needs the constant trimming. (eww thats kinda nasty) Also mucho sensitive skin, nearly anything will cause a rash, tres annoying.

Now Id dont often show my legs off because I do a lot of rock climbing so there tends to be a lot of bruises. but between the bruises and the spots I have the most unattractive pair of legs going. I wash with Sanex Etra Sensitive shower cream because everything else irritates my skin. I use aloe vera as a body lotion.

I use a Clinique anti bacterial soap from their Anti Blemish/Acne Solutions range for my face but dont really wanna put the same soap on my legs... seems nasty.

Any suggestions?

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Probably ingrown hairs and not acne. Shave with the grain. Use tendskin if you must on them. Or ingrow-go

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yea, i thought ingrown myself but these are proper lil whiteheads Im getting not red bumps.

whats tendskin?

ok, not to gross you out, but sometimes when i shave my belly hair (whats it called? the line of hair right below your belly button for a guy?), i get little whiteheads like that too. It's just because you are shaving too close, its not acne persay. They should go away within a couple days granted you don't keep shaving.

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Yes it's probably ingrown hairs. I have a hard time keeping my legs free of bumps, spots, and bruises too (and it's such a shame, cuz I really do have a cute pair of long, slender legs :D). I think mine is a combination of ingrown hairs and an infection of the hair follicles.

I use all these products in an effort to keep my legs looking nice:

Peter Thomas Roth AHA / BHA face & body polish - I use this before I shave to exfoliate, about 3 times a week max. This helps prevent ingrowns from shaving. I find it hard to use an AHA lotion, because of the stinging it causes on shaved skin, so I prefer a wash that is rinsed off.

Thayer's lavender witch hazel toner - apply this once or twice a day & always after shaving, helps prevent & treat ingrowns, and is gentle & cheap. I find this to make a huge difference, more so than after shave topicals with SA.

Dermazinc soap - It has Pyrithione Zinc, to treat fungal and even some bacterial infections. This is probably not your problem, but most anti-bacterial acne stuff (ie. SA, BP, mandelic acid) wasn't working for me on some spots , so I tried this & it helped. I used it everyday til clear, then 3 times a week to maintain it. Still not sure if it is a fungal or bacteria issue....just some kind of vague "folliculitis" as my derm diagnosed it.

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