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After approximately six months on antibiotics (tetracycline) and a topical retionoid called Isotrex (0,05 % isotretinoin), I am basically clear of acne. Having read a reasonable amount of the topics/product reviews/tips ect. on this site and others, I doubt the effects will last now that my dermatologist wants my body to fend off the acne without the aid of tetracycline, and considering that my routine is close to void of a cleansing regimen, I was hoping for some guidance. It should be noted that I have been off the pills for three days now and nothing of significance has developed, apart from a frequent itching sensation various places on my skin, which seems to be related to dryness.

What I *do* use, is as follows:

Suppliments - Fish oil, regular vitamins, probiotics, I usually drink 3 cups of green tea a dayas well.

Morning routine - Nivea for Men Sensitive Face Wash, followed by the only moisturizer I currently own, Decubal Face Vital Cream which contains jojuba oil.

I do the same thing in the evening, and I shower twice a day, completing my "regimen" after each shower. My problem areas have always been my cheeks and jaw line, and as far as I can recall, my acne started developing around the age of 17.

Products I have tried include Clearisil, some "australian" product line based on tea tree oil and several Dermalogica products that were recommended to me by a cosmetologist for clearing my mild acne. At first things got a little worse, then when they switched me to an antibacterial cleanser my face pretty much exploded, and that's when I sought medical attention.

As promised in the topic, here are some actual questions:

1) Cleanser - Now, I read the sticky about skin pH value, and as such I checked out the various cleansers I saw at the local cosmetics shop, but none of them listed the pH value of the product. Can anyone give me any pointers on this, in terms of ingredients and so on? Avoiding too much trial and error would be really nice. Also, if any fellow europeans have some product suggestions it would be most welcome.

2) Moisturizer - My T-zone gets very oily, but apart from that I seem to have quite dry skin. Obviously I would like something that combats both things, but I suppose it might be necessary to get two different products?

3) Shaving - I've let my beard grow the last ten days, after discovering that my shaving foam contained sodium lauryl sulfate. However, it seems to make my skin more dry after showering, and I'm not certain I want to keep it lengthy. I have always used a shaver, currently equipped with a Gillette Mach3 Power, but I have heard that electric razors are better for acne prone skin. So my question is two fold, have any of you guys out there had good results switching from razor to electric (or the other way around for that matter), and what shaving gels/foams are good? Or should I be thinking in shaving oils or something else entirely? What about fragrance, because it seems difficult to find something fragrance free.

4) This Paula's choice line, I have seen a good portion of people recommending it, but to me it just seems like yet another line of products in what appears to be an infinite amount of choices. I live in Denmark, so I imagine buying her products would be fairly expensive, assuming it even ships overseas. But if it's that good, I would spend the money.

I realize I could most likely answer these questions myself if I invested enough time researching, but to be honest, this acne topic is a bit dauting in terms of people presenting new "cures", suppliments that are fantastic, product lines that worked miracles for them and so on, which is why I finally decided to post here, in the hopes that someone could give me some individual pointers. In other words, sorry for being lazy and writting a long winded post, but I just want to be prepared when it most likely flares up again. Also, feel free to ask for any elaboration on my part, though I would prefer to keep masturbation, urine, feces and what not out of the discussion ^_^

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