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My marked face

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you offer me solutions to my scarring?! I looked in the mirror this morning and just wanted to cry. I was on the verge, and found myself thinking, 'what's the point in any of this'. I just feel like my skin will never recover. I still have some acne, although massively reduced, but, unlike a lot of you, mine is not in localised ares, therefore, my face is almost covered in red marks. Without make-up, I just look awful. I'm devastated.

What can I do?

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If it is just red marks they will fade with time, and you could use something to lighten them. If they are scars you can ask a dermatologist for what he recommends, or see a scar specialist. I myself have been looking into dermarollers. It's an at home procedure that you can use for scar indentions, though i don't know how well it works. Also you could try chemical peels. But if your on accutane you have to wait like 6 months after treatment or somethin around there in order to be able to use them.

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hey hun!

i was looking for products too...here check this out!


hope that helps...haven't tried it so i can't tell you if it worked on me or not. I'm using apple cider vinegar right now and it's helping but not fast enough. i'm going to go get this stuff sometime soon...i'll keep you posted!

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