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try drink homemade smoothies to help acne!!

Hi everyone, I've been drinking smoothies almost everyday for the past two weeks. It has really helped clear my skin (at least 50-60% gone right now). All I do is combine soymilk (vitasoy or ricedream), ice, and fresh cut up fruits in a blender. Experiment with different fruits and try to add 3-4 different kinds of fruit. I also try to add ground flaxseed because it's healthy (about 1-2 tablespoons) and you can't taste it since it's ground up. The fruits I used today was 1 peeled orange, a slice of cut up seedless watermelon, and a banana. I add honey, cinnamon, and a little vanilla extract to all my smoothies. I add enough ice to replicate a jamba juice smoothie as much as I can. I want to add that I don't use milk because I think it aggravates my acne and I prefer the taste of soymilk over regular milk. It has a much cleaner taste when making smoothies. A local smoothie shop I know uses the costco kirkland brand of "organic soymilk" when making their smoothies.

I decided to drink smoothies after I realized I didn't eat as much fruits as I wanted to and it was hard for me to eat fruits. Now it's no problem for me to eat three different fruits + soy milk + ice since it's in a 32 oz smoothie! I drink it when I'm watching tv. It's been really helpful for me.

I've also been taking one capsule of flaxseed oil a day. I take it with my smoothie. Its a 100mg soft-gel capsule. I buy the Longs Drug brand called "Longs Wellness" which cost me about $5.99 for 60 capsules. I started taking flaxseed since I have constipation problems and I read it helps skin health. Well... it's been working well lol.

I've stopped going to a derm 2 years ago because the only option I had left was accutane which I refused to go on. Right now I've been using ivory soap + salux (japanese body cloth that can be found in a drug store for about $3) and it has been working wonders! The bacne I've had for years has finally cleared up and my face is slowly clearing up.

I hope my regime can help others. The smoothies take me less than 10 minutes to make from start to finish (wash fruits, cut up, put in blender with soy milk + flaxseed, add ice to get right consistency, and pour into a cup). I usually make it when commercials come on tv.

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