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Jackie White

Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated


Okay, this is going to be a bit of a tale, but I want to explain my circumstances to all of you.

In short: I was hit by a car and broke my neck in 3 places. It was a great risk to perform surgery on me shortly after the accident so they decided to take the safe route and place a "halo" on me, which is basically a type of neck brace. It consisted of a large vest that covered half of my chest, and on top of that vest were four metal struts that were surgically inserted into the skin on my head. I had to wear it for 3 months until roughly two months ago when it was finally taken off. It saved my life, yes, but unfortunately it didn't treat my skin well because alas, I couldn't bathe while wearing it.

I have moderate facial acne - mostly on my forehead and the sides of my face (near my ears) which were the most difficult to wash. My upper back is very problematic, and as is the back of my neck which appears to have accumulated a fairly large amount of cysts. I've been trying to treat the cysts, my forehead/face and my back with a Tea Tree Oil body wash from The Body Shop for almost 3 week but it hasn't made a substantial difference -- the acne continues to appear. I should also mention that before I tried using the Tea Tree I was using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide in the form of a gel. It worked sometimes but mostly irritated my face even more.

I also feel I should mention the fact that I am taking a medication - Fluvoxamine - to treat my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder which I have had for 3 years. Around the time I started taking it I've had a bit of a problem with acne. Not an overwhelming one, but bad enough. I feel this medication is somehow making these problems worse. The acne on my back, chest and neck seems to persist regardless of what I use to try to diminish it, and as such I've suspected I have some form of Pityrosporum Folliculitis. I also admittedly have trouble keeping my hands away from them; they're bumpy and red and irritating, and I try to pick them (to no avail, of course). The bumps on my chest are smaller but are noticeable enough; it's the ones on my back that are most problematic. They're quite large, and they're becoming gray -- perhaps because they've been there for so long and they might even be bruised from being tampered with. After viewing the images on the article on Pityrosporum Folliculitis on this website the pictures do look very similar if not much less severe than the ones on that site, so I do have reason to suspect it being part of my problem.

I'm very self-conscious about my skin. I want to go out and visit my friends who I haven't seen in more than 5 months, but before that I want to get my hair cut. In the accident I suffered severe head trauma and as a result suffered from a large gash on the backside of my head. I lost a lot of blood, and to close the wound they needed to first shave a certain area of my head and embed staples into the closing of the wound to shut it tight. My hair has grown since then, but it is still terribly uneven, and because of this I want to get a haircut. In fact, I'm embarrassed to go out in the public without my neck brace that covers the uneven area, and thus I'm too embarrassed to see my friends yet as well. The thing is that I'm also too embarrassed to get that haircut because of the outbreak of cysts on the backside of my neck that will be clearly visible during the cut. I'm moving nowhere, and I need help. What I want to ask is: which product(s) would be the best for treating acne in my situation - relatively quickly? Is there anything that could make any of these problems dramatically less noticeable? I've been struggling with this for a few years but it seems to have taken a turn for the worse recentl - probably because wearing the aforementioned "halo" limited the breathing of my skin.

I've booked an appointment with a dermatologist in mid-May. He/She is the only professional in the field in my city and that's the earliest they could get for me. I want to start becoming more socially active before then, and I need to dramatically reduce my acne to feel confident enough to do that. It's mostly psychological, but it's really, really bothering me. Any help would be very appreciated, and I would be in your debt.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am a man; not a female. Don't let my username fool you.

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So let me see if I understand correctly - You're not halo'd anymore, but you use a removable collar (like a Philadelphia collar or something)?

Hmm. Did you read the pinned topic on pityrosporum? Lots of suggested products:


Off the top of my head - Nizoral, Head and Shoulder, ZNP bar.

About your skin condition as it relates to a haircut - the stylist ought to be professional enough to behave appropriately. If you're self-conscious, make your appointment for a time that is not busy (less patrons). You can always say, "I'm so glad to have a haircut. I wasn't able to get one while I was recovering from my accident because of the halo device. I'm hoping now that it's off my skin will clear up. Some areas are still a little tender, so if you could be extra careful, I'd appreciate it." That ought to do it.

BTW - Do you wash off your removable collar?

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