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Next week im getting prescribed steriods

Im happy with how my face looks now, it may not be perfect but i like it ANDDD some girls do too. But next week I have to start taking a steroid and not the regular suggested amount either, Its gonna be 4x the regular amount... 4x the regular fucking amount!! Countdown to how fast my face explodes and how agressive and pissed off I will become. :|

But at least I get to look like arnold 8]

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I wouldnt take steroids if I were you. That is nothing but synthetic testosterone that will only mess your life up.

There is an alternative to taking steroids that will build muscles, aggressiveness and testosterone naturally. Take Tongkat Ali, this is a natural herb that works with your body to help it produce its own testosterone (and more of it) instead of injecting fake steroidal testosterone that will harm your body. You can do much research on Tongkat Ali as well.

Most Tongkat Ali products on the market are garbadge and are grossly underdosed but the website below is one of the few sites that sell's the real deal at a reasonable price.

Purchase here - https://www.premium-tongkat-cheap.com/

If you have any questions or doubts about that site. You can contact the owner (Timothy) by E-mail that is on the website.

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You reap what you sow. And don't expect to look like Arnold from just taking them, it stilll takes amazing dedication to lifting weights.

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