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Differin (Adapalene Gel)

I have had this stuff for awhile now, its called Differin (Adapalene Gel). I used it once and just used clearisel again. I don't have a dermatologist, I asked my regular doctor and he prescribed it to me. So I was thinking if he told me to use it I might as well us it. Does this stuff work well? When should I use it and how much should I use?

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I have used differin gel for about 5 months. Yes, it does work very well for acne... and pretty quickly. At first your skin needs time to get used to it. So... for me at least, I experienced a little redness and dryness. Nothing a good lotion or moisturizer couldn't take care of.

BUT! Recently I stopped using it because for almost the whole time I used it, I was getting really bad flushing episodes. My face would get really red out of no where. Heat and emotions like anger or embarrassment brought it out the most. Though it happened when I was just sitting and watching tv or talking to a friend. Which was really embarrassing. My friend told me that I looked as if I had a really bad sun burn. And my whole face was so hot to the touch. It was so uncomfortable.

For the past 4 months I delt with it... it was really bad and really severe. It happened every day through out the day. I didn't know it was the differin gel till I stopped using it about a week ago. I thought I would give it a try. And the flushing episodes have almost completely gone away. Yesterday It didn't happen at all. And nothing today either... So I'm pretty positive it is what caused it. I haven't changed anything else around... or started to use any other product or stopped using any other product.

My skin isn't all broken out since I stopped but it's not at all as smooth as it was and I'm beginning to see some clogged pours again... I'm gonna try and find something else that'll work to clear this up.

I can't deal with the flushing anymore.... It was so embarrassing. I wouldn't recommend it... only because of the flushing it caused. I would use it forever though for my acne if it hadn't done that.

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