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How to apply Jojoba oil when using Proactiv?

I use the 3-step proactiv system morning (7am) and night (7pm).

I ordered Jojoba oil today and I was wondering how much I should apply day and night, and how I should apply it, as well as when I should apply it (before or after the cleanser, toner, or reparing lotion).

I have naturally oily skin, but it gets somewhat dry/flakey after applying proactiv.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I finally got my Jojoba oil in the mail today.

Can I get ANY advice on when to apply it?

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Here's my reply from the other thread:

Jojoba oil can be used in many different ways. Since you have your proactiv system, if you used it before your cleanser, you would wash it away with the cleanser and toner, so that wouldn't really serve any moisturizing purpose. Here are some ways to use it:

- Use your 3-step proactiv program as usual. Then the 4th step would be apply 1 or 2 drops to your fingertips, then massage it into your skin. This way you're using it last as you would a moisturizer.

- A couple of drops can also be added to your favorite moisturizer to ramp up the moisturizing properties of it.

- If that looks too oily for you by applying it as your 4th step, you could use it right before your repairing lotion. Again, use only a couple drops, massage into your skin, then put on the repairing lotion as usual. This would slightly buffer the BP but it's still worked well for me when I've done it that way if my skin was particularly dry that day. Actually, it makes the BP less irritating if that's a problem for you.

- Another way to use it for flakes would be to use the baby hair brush method of exfoliation using the jojoba as the cleanser all over your face. You use more than a few drops and massage the oil into your skin, then use the baby hair brush in gentle circles to exfoliate, rinse it all off, and your skin will be considerably smoother and flake free. This you could do AM or PM, but obviously it might take some time so PM would be easier.

Experiment with it. Also, you might only need to use it at night or perhaps only a few times per week. If you have a lot of flakes, the baby hair brush method of exfoliation using jojoba would be wonderful to rid your face of dead skin!

Good luck!

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