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Questions before starting tane

Wow. Didn't think it was that bad... 40mg each day. Its for my back. Hopefully it will get better. This is rather strange though I never expected it. Kind of nervous too, all the bad news. My doc reassured my everything would be fine but heh... here goes nothing.

What kind of lip balm should i get? Already have complex 15

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You def will need to get some Aquaphor for your lips...and apply it all day every day!!

You will need cetaphil cream for your face and back...as they will get very dry.

Head and shoulders isnt a bad idea (even if only for precautionary reasons).

And you will need a good attitude and strong will! It WILL get better...but most times after it gets worse. People here are nice, and will encourage you! ...much like i am doing now. :) Good luck! And keep us posted!

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Got a question. I have almost no acne on my face. about 2 pimples right now. Will the IB cause my face to go nuts too? My back has about 8 cysts. hard to lay down :(. How effective has it been for bacne? I am on a 3 month course possibly 4.

I am really looking forward to when its finished

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Here is how Accutane works as far as I know.

It dries your skin, which makes it hard for pimples to thrive. Active pimples will develop dry skin circles around them and fall of within days. Pimples or cysts beneath the skin will come to the top and then do the same.

If you have a lot of dormant acne (meaning you can run your fingers on your face and feel lots of bumps) it will make them come out and be gone forever.

It's amazing how it works really.

Hope that helped, also feel free to check out my blog for side effects.

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