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A lot of people eat meat, but who here eats offal (organs, entrails, etc)? I am intrigued because a lot of it provides concentrated amounts of nutrients, such as the common example of animal liver and vitamin A. Granted, there are some food safety issues with other organs, and not to mention the squeemishness factor of eating heart, lungs, etc. Once you do some reading into it, though, you see how common it is in so many cultures to eat every part of an animal. Sweetbreads are fairly well known, and they are made of the thymus or pancreas of certain animals, as is blood sausage, foie gras (although the means of attaining pate are really horrendous because the geese are force fed, etc), and scrapple (mush of pork scraps and offal) which I've just learned is pretty common in places like Delaware and New Jersey...Anyway, I don't really see myself eating offal, but I am curious about other's opinons.

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I've read about this as well; unfortunately it is not the norm in "civilized" society to consume such dishes and there is apparently no demand for them. From what I've heard, other than liver (which is available in pretty much all grocery stores in North America), organ meats aren't available unless you custom order them from a butcher. I also have heard that most organ meats are just recycled because there is no consumer demand for them (most people find a chicken breast much more appealing than a chicken liver; in my grocery store there must be at least 10 times more chicken breast than there is chicken liver).

I'm a fan of meats (more fat the better; I use a slow cooker to cook pretty much all of my meat and it comes out beautifully tender every time) but I've yet to delve into the world of organ meats. From what I've read too liver is actually fairly touchy to cook; too much heat or too long makes it like a rubber shoe apparently ;) . It is indeed very nutritious though but you should also limit it's consumption as it is chocked with vitamin A. Let us know how it goes if you find/start eating organ meats.

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