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Pityrosporum Folliculitis Scar and Aspirin Mask

Hi everyone,

Im 20 and have suffered from Pityrosporum Folliculitis(almost certain its PF,know its not acne) for most of my life. A few years ago the PF got better(its basically gone with no new bumps),but left behind alot(very noticeable) of small red/brown dots on the outside of my arms and on my buttocks.I am new to this forum and was hoping the experienced mind on here can help me.

A user on here says that aspirin mask has helped remove the dots left behind by PF. Has anyone else used aspirin mask to fad these PF dots away? If you used another product with success,what was it? I have tried some acne fading products with little to no success. I also heard that applying Vitamin E on my skin will help fade these kind of scars?

I have tried so many commercial products to get rid of these PF marks with no success that I hope someone on here can help me. So please comment on if you tried the the aspirin mask or any other solution to get rid of the PF scars.


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I use AHAs (mandelic acid, in my case) to get rid of the brown marks it leaves on my face.

BTW, my PF seems to be in remission for the time being, but I have no idea why.

I switched cleansers (now using Jan Marini's enzyme cleanser) but I seriously doubt there's a connection.

Maybe the propylene glycol in the Spin Trap serum is helping? Or maybe the laser facials are finally having an effect (I've had two so far, plus two microdermabrasions)? No idea. Maybe it'll be back in full force next week. There's just no knowing with this stuff. :wacko:

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Mandelic acid? I might give it a try.

My PF has been in this "remission" for quite some time(maybe a year), so I'm hoping its gone and I can start treating the marks it left behind.

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