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Hi guys!

here's my story:

I finally saw a dermatologist a few days ago for my moderate acne. I am currently on Yasmin birth control, which is supposed to help hormonal acne, but I've taken birth control twice in the past and it never helped. My derm has prescribed differn 0.1% cream (in the morning) and solugel 8 (at night), but I'm kind of hesitant about applying differin in the morning for fear that the exposure to the sun may hinder the results, or make my skin dry, sun burnt, and irritated. I am also afraid that applying make-up ontop of the cream will look and feel unpleasant.

Has anybody tried these two medications? Together or seperately? I would like to know how it has worked for you! I would also like to know if I could apply differin every other night, and alternate between the differin and the solugel! Or maybe use the solugel only whenl I have a sudden breakout/ the initial breakout that I'm expecting from the differin.

In regards to a daily regimin, what should I use to wash my face and moisturize. I currently use the Vichy Normaderm face wash as well as the anti-imperfection day cream, but I think it has been drying out my face more than anything. My derm told me to use tolerane (sp?) milk cleanser by La Roche Posay, but this may be too mild for my oily skin. (I have combination skin that tends to get really oily, but is tight and dry for a few hours after I wash it).

I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to invest in the clarasonic skincare brush, which basically mimics an electronic toothbrush.

Sorry about the length of this post, but your help would really be appreciated!!!!

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