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healing leaky gut

I have food allergies which cause nasel congestion/mucus. I think its related to leaky gut and acne. How do I heal my leaky gut and suspected candida overgrowth :wacko: . Anybody have sucess curing themselves of their food allergies?

Supplement/diet recommendations would help ;)

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Aloe Vera


Oil of oregano/Olive leaf



Cultured Milk

Killing candida and repairing the bowel lining go hand in hand, after years of Mino I found the hard way how crucial the bowels are for healthy skin. I used to get Lympth bumps under the skin around the back of my neck, they were really painful and large but they never came up as a spot like a whitehead just bumps. I stopped grains and healed my bowels and ever since ive gotten one per year instead of once weekly, I can even eat bread now if I like with no problems.

Good luck.

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Do you know someone who cured the leaky gut and candida acne eating only non starched vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, without using probiotic capsules, without using l glutamine, but eating too: beans, brown rice, fruits everyday?

Who have leaky gut said have these symptoms: pain in the belly, floating and gases. So, if someone have only the acne, folliculitis and dermatitis on the body without other symptoms, don’t have leaky gut and don’t need to do the leaky gut diet with L glutamine and probiotic capsules, right?

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