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Hey Everyone,

I first want to say that i feel everyones pain about having to go through this acne thing..ugh..

I'm 30 and have been through it all....i've had cystic acne since 13 ..went on accutane at 18...cleared up beautifully....then a few yrs later broke out again....what really helped was microdermabrasion....but put it this way, i did it everyweek for a few yrs....yeah i couldve put a down payment on a house...it helped with scarring..barely....my first scarring repair was subcision ...i got it done 4 times....it did work but scars still there....i tried smoothbeam 4 times, nlite 4 times, ipl and recently i had the big one CO2.......my skin scarring isnt as bad but to be honest i didnt get the results i wanted from any of them...except subcision.....but 4 times is a lot.....and i know my dr was pretty conservative on the CO2 i feel like i see a minimal difference....AND now i'm 30 those fine lines a creeping and i dont feel like CO2 did much for them....a little but not a lot....i dont go out in the sun and use Obagi on my skin and Clarisonics skin brush so i take exteme care of my skin ...i know the heartache it is when u go tough this all your life...

SO ....my question and decision i need to make is this....Fraxel is suppose to be amazing for acne scars...but now Fraxel repair is out too.....also the Fraxel ( one with the blue dye) is more expensive since u have to go bacl a few times......well, i need help....is Fraxel really what its cracked up to be....should i try it once?? or is this Fraxel Repair the thing for scarring???

Any help would be much appreciative and if anyone has questions or needs help please feel free to contact me.....thanks!!

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