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craig s

pulse light therapy...

has anybody else had this treatment (also known as photofacial)? I have had 4 sessions and still havent seen anywhere near the improvement that was first promised. I suffer from mild rosasea combined with red acne scars all over my cheeks and forehead. When i first went there they said that they could pretty much garantee a 70-80% in facial flushing as well as a reduction in scar visability. I have had a slight improvement in skin texture however it is many the colour of my skin that concerns me as i hate always loking sunburnt or embarrassed.

Are there any other proven methods of reducing redness and blotchy skin ?

i am scared shittless of laser treatment because when i had a consultation he said that there would be a chance that a line of demarcation between treated and untreated skin would occur.

My skin feels smooth to the touch but is very blotchy in appearance.

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Is this like the Aurora(sp) lazor. Its meant to help with the redness in scarring and can reduce facial hair growth? You get it in sets of 5, im told it helps reduce the oilyness also?

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Yeah i think so, i live in australia so it could be called by another name.

I know for a fact that it didnt reduce my oil level but i guess it did reduce my pore size which could in some cases reduce oil.(less sebum coming thru pores =smaller pores)

It probably reduced the redness by about 10% not the 70+ which i had been hoping for.To be honest i feel like the aloe vera that i apply before i go to bed has been more beneficial towards the redness than this treatment.(i wont tell my folks that as they spent over a grand getting it done for me!)

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