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OCD Medicine clears acne?

I developed acne for the first time when I turned 20 and had never had a previous problem. Nothing I seemed to do for two years had any significant difference until recently. My doctor prescribed Seroquel for ocd and shortly after my acne was gone completely as well as what I believe was serebral dermatitis, that lasted for about three months when I had to come off the medication since it made me super doped up all the time. Within a week of coming off my face began breaking out again, can anyone tell me why this is, I think that my acne is hormonal as I didn't get any until an adult but why would something like Seroquel help?

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I have OCD too! Well, its alot less now thank goodness! I suspect that your acne probably is hormonal, are you male or female? I tried 'dianette' brith control pills and they worked well for me and my acne, however, I'm not so keen on the side effects of the pills, and I don't like messing with my hormones. But its worth a think about if you're a girl anyway.

So seroquel is pretty strong stuff? I'm surprised that you were put on such a strong med. I really would urge you to check out all the different therapies out there - I'm in therapy at the moment, and its helped me the best so far out of all the different meds I tried.

Anyway just my 2c.

Kind regards


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