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Regarding Tubes and Bottles

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When my BP shipped, it was spilled all over the inside of the box it shipped in because the pump started pumping, i guess. That's not good either.

I'd really REALLY like a tube. At least I could cut off the top and get the last little bit out that way. I don't even have a clue how to get the last bits out of my current pump. Sigh.

tubes, please!!!

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has this been addressed at all???????? i guess not

sigh... ill have to reluctantly buy bottles again...

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I understand the concern that most of you have regarding how the products are applied. However, I think some of you are missing a huge bit of clarity of here. The way Dan has listened and implented your ideas into these products is already a thousand times better than what you would get from any other company. He has a message board for people like you to give suggestions. Try asking Eucerin or Neutrogena to change their bottles into tubes or change their ingredients. It's not going to happen. Dan made this community for support and feedback and he has always followed through. You have to understand he is running a company to please as many acne sufferers as possible and there are a LOT of people using these products. He does not advertise and is limited on the amount of small changes he can make because of money and how it's going to effect the majority of it's users.

If I'm being perfectly honest, I've used the BP in the bottles for a year now and getting the right amount out of it has never been a problem. Dan offers travel sizes for his products so if that's your issue, look into those. If the pump is giving you random amounts when used, then your pump is either clogged at the tip or you've almost run out. I'm not exactly sure how putting the BP into a tube is going to help you do the regimen any better. I can get out as much or as little of the BP as I need.

Edit: Also, if you're having trouble getting the last bit of BP out of your bottle, you can either tap the bottom of the bottle on a hard surface or simply screw the pump off and tap the BP into your hand turning the bottle upside down so it comes out.

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