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I've had a nasty red patch on one side of my cheek for the past year or two, i've never given any thought of it being anything but acne up until recently...

The thing is - my skin is perfectly smooth, i can put my hand across my cheek without feeling any blemishes, and i when i examine it in the mirror, it almost seems as if there is nothing there (but at a distance it does resemble typical acne).

My question is: is this still typical acne? i found this bit of text on the site:

A red mark on the skin called an erythematous macule will fade in four to six months after an acne outbreak - but it may get temporarily redder when your skin gets hot or when you exercise. This red macule is not a scar, and is not permanent. In a dark skinned person, the macule may appear as a darker patch on the skin. This is not a scar, either

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well have you ever had acne at all, because the definition of macule sounds like it's a temporary red mark that goes away and is not bumpy but is left by a previous acne outbreak. You may have something else.

Have you tried looking into the websites that contain skin problems and pictures of what they look like and descriptions? I don't know if you'll find it here: http://www.about-skin-conditions.com/ but there should be more websites available through a general search for skin problems.

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