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Incredibly oily skin

I wash my face about 3 times a day with Triclosan and i use Benzaclin once in the morning and once in the evening, yet i still get breakouts and my skin is always incredibly oily. About an hour after I wash my face, my skin becomes oily again and ive never encounted drying or redness. Should I increase to 4 times a day and 3 with the BP, or see a doctor, or what?

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i would advise you to cut down on the amount you wash your face. this is because when you wash your face you strip it of all its natural oils, your body then senses that it is very dry and therefore creates more sebum. if you keep on washing your face your face produces moe and more oil to compensate for the oil you have washed off. washing tour face twice a day is plenty but i do sometimes give mine a very gentle third if im going out that night.

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I agree with reptilia and catlover; doing things that dry out your face will cause an increase in sebum production to compensate. In addition to cutting back the washing to twice a day, maybe you could try switching to something without triclosan. Cleansers that contain active ingredients like triclosan tend to be really drying, which might be contributing to your excess oil production. From experience, I found that while I was on Dan's regimen I started producing oil like crazy (I could actually see little pools of oil in the pores of my T-zone about a half hour after washing) when I was using a Neutrogena cleansing bar. I didn't realize that the bar was so drying until I switched to Cetaphil gentle liquid cleanser and it really did a good job of keeping my skin moisturized, and the oil on my face was really reduced. You don't need a cleanser with antibacterial ingredients like triclosan because the Benzaclin kills bacteria. Here are my two suggestions: Cetaphil gentle cleanser or Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub. If you're really bent on using something with an active ingredient, try the C&C. The Cetaphil felt nice and kept my skin hydrated, but I was still getting too many breakouts so I decided to try C&C. I know that a lot of people say that mixing salicylic acid and BP is bad and will cause excess irritation, but I've been using C&C with my Benzaclin for about two weeks now and I haven't had any extra dryness or oiliness. (I did, however, have an initial breakout when I switched from Cetaphil to C&C.) Whether the SA and BP mix is too irritating probably depends on the skin type of the person. Whatever you choose, make sure you moisturize; I recommend Cetaphil with SPF 15. If you don't moisturize you're more likely to get dry and make more oil. One last bit of advice: if you use C&C, be really gentle and try not be abrasive with the microbeads. I wish they didn't include the microbeads. They can cause irritation, which probably causes more acne.

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