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ADD meds and Accutane?? dehydration, lack appetite, mood) Picking up filled Accutane script tomorrow!

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I don't "like" to take any medications really, and I am admittedly a tad bit apprehensive about beginning accutane....I do have a history of precarious and sensitive moods, depression and seasonal affective disorder. I take Vyvanse - a stimulant ADD medication and am scared that accutane may act as a counter to this....I also have terribly dry, bleeding and breaking hands (knucles, fingers, upper palms and backs of hands) despite using shea butter and a repair lotion all the time...I am prepared to risk the adverse effects concerning these things to at least TRY accutane because I am so sick of my perpetual, intractable and disgusting acne (ages 13-19)....I've read everything there is to read in terms of tips/advice, but still I'm going ahead and posting my own last minute plea for any advice on time of day taking the pill perhaps or frequency of washing face or brands of moisturizers, balms, use of petroleum jelly, etc would be a great help. Thanks a lot!

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I took Vyvanse and adderall as needed (once every week or two) when I was on tane and there didn't seems to be any contradictions.

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