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Do "home remedies" like lemon juice and ACV really work?

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I was curious, so I scanned the review pages on this site. Honestly, I'm shocked. It seems like the reviews for either one of these items (mostly topically, but some mix with water to drink) have brought almost universal success to people with acne.

Who here has tried either one of these methods? Because if all I need to do for clear skin is apply some fucking lemon juice, then that's......pretty awesome.

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dunno bout lemon juice, but I too was impressed with the success stories of AVC. So I tried it. Didnt last long, my skin reacted terribly to it.

I think with these things, as anything with treating acne, its an individual thing. You can try it, it may work for you ,it may not but ya wont know til ya try!

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I have been doing the lemon thing for about 3 weeks (not consistently unfortunately because my schedule is so hectic) but usually 4 times a week, at least, for 15 minutes a day. I had noticed SOME lightness in the redness (which are former zits). However, I read something on this site (I think in this area) about baking soda. So, for two days I've been doing the lemon juice (straight lemon juice. At first I was using lemon juice & cucumber juice which is recommended but I couldn't find any cucumbers at my 99 cents store and I just can't run all over town to get them because of my schedule) and then after the lemon juice is on face for 15 minutes I rinse it off with water and then apply the baking soda mask. (Baking soda and water until it is pasty and sticks to face) and then as soon as I've put that on the entire face (and some of the upper neck) I rinse that off with water.....


It has reduced the pustules in my face and neck and made everything flat and it seems easier now to cover up the prior acne marks with my makeup than ever before!!!! I thought I read here that the baking soda mask was like an exfoliator but not as harsh but it seems to be working to reduce the actual acne!

Try it. Lemon juice and baking soda are cheap and as far as I know have no side effects.

(I haven't tried the apple cider vinegar because I haven't had time to go to the store to find it).

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Only home remedy I've been using is the Aspirin mask with some organic honey. I love it! I use it once every other night as kind of a preventative and a treatment. If I do get a breakout (stupid girly cycle), it helps take down any swelling and pain. Even then my breakout is like...one largish pimple. The honey is a little extra antibacterial boost and adds a bit of moisture to the whole mix as well as helps to bind it.

Depending on the honey you buy (like Manuka Honey), it might be more expensive, but I just get the cheapest organic honey I can find and it works great.

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acv gave me a HORRIBLE rash

I rub green tea bags on my face 2-3 times a day, also drink 4-5 cups of green tea a day...unsweetened.

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I love home made masks/exfoliators. They aren't magic cures or anything, but they're cheap and fun to make! I make honey asprin masks all the time. It's better than any commercial exfoliater I've ever used. I also do egg white and egg yolk masks. They help with my blackheads.

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