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UK viewers - Isolagen on TV

Dr Chu mentioned to me that there would be something about Isolagen on the Richard and Judy show today,5pm I think (Friday) ... he also said that they would be making a public announcement about getting someone to trial it for free. So if anyone is interested in showing their scars to the world ...

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I am watching Richard and Judy right now ... they mentioned Isoalgen as "growing your own facelift" ... hmmm, so they won't talk about scars?

It's on at 5.45

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Dr Peter Ashby was the Consultant Plastic Surgeon on this program.

The lady had 3 sets of Injections over 3 months (just completed 1 month ago) and all she had was sun damage and a little fine wrinkling and crease lines. She looks great!

Dr P.A. said if you treat a 20 year old with acne scars it would take 1 month to make a big difference.

He also said that the older you are, the less likely for good results.

He's charging £2,500

Dr Mark Lewis, Skin regeneration expert at UCL (University college London) was there making observations (note to myself: must try and make contact!!!)

Still, if you are in the UK and interested in Isolagen, you are better off with Dr Chu who will normally perform subcision and NLite at the same time.

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Thanks for the warning Maya. I found it interesting when Richard asked about the fact that it is impossible to over correct with the fibroplasts as the information on how the skin should look is in our DNA.... I am considering going to see Dr Chu at Hammersmith now.... not necessarily for Isologen but to see what he has to offer in the way of scar reduction treatments. Does he charge a consultation fee Maya?

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I'm on the NHS - so I saw him for free (Isolagen is NOT available on the NHS however)

For NHS, you need a referal from your doc but I suspect his waiting list is enormous now!

His list of specialities:

Subcision (rolling scars and shallow boxscars)


Punch excisions (ice picks)

He does NOT treat red marks.

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