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Has anyone actually ever cleared from using topical retinoids?

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I've been on Tretinoin, increasing concentration from 0.025% to 0.05% to 0.1% every 6 weeks.

Just got minocycline last week, it seems to be helping. Or it could be that I started 0.1%.

I hope to be as lucky as you guys. :)

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I dont want to be a pessimist on the other post that i wrote since i hate IB but i tell you that differin has kept my acne at bay and improved it slightly i say out of 100% it has improved it to about 25% this is week 7 going on week 8. And im on the duac/doxy fix as well. I mean ill be super happy if i get 2-3 small pimples max on my face i can live with that. Right now from my forehead down to my chin parallel on both sides affected but the cheeks arent even touched. And my acne was due to a reaction from Lithium which on its own is suppose to stop breaking me out POST 6-8 weeks its only been 3.5 weeks so i got about 3-5 weeks to go pfft til i can stop blaming lithium. hehehe I really think you HAVE to give this medicine 12 full weeks before you can judge its potential. The derms are always going to avoid giving you accutane but you are the patient. If you are not satisfied with the treatment you can either demand accutane or go to another derm and demand it there. Its unfair but the fact being derms prefer to leave accutane as last resorts and they make more money if they can push topicals. Its part of there job. Accutane can cure most people but if that was the case were would be the other businesses of acne hehehehe. Im giving it til my next derm appt at that point if is ee it has not surpassed my expecations like clear my temple area then im going to demand accutane

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i dont understand why you guys even bother with retinoids. if i knew what i would i know now back when i tried tazorac and ziana, i would have definitely not used them.

1) you get an initial breakout. your skin looks horrible for the 8 weeks that its supposed to begin working...and guess what, if the medicine doesnt work after that, you are just left with even more pimples (happened to me)

2) makes your skin look shiny and dark all the time, and enhances the visibility of hyperpigmentation. i looked so bad back when i used tazorac, just thinking about it makes me puke.

3) your skin is ALWAYS sensitive and always dry/peely, requiring use of a moisturizer, which in turn can cause more acne. i know that moisturizing doesnt cause acne for everyone, but it did for me, and now i am only willing to try products that dont dry very much.

there are other options that do the work of retinoids in a better way. medicines like plexion and finacea accelerate the shedding cycle in the same way as retinoids, and are much more agreeable and effective. just look at the reviews for retinoids on this site...theyre horrible.

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ive been one tretioin for 2 months and im happy as can be, i havent had a pimple in a month and only red marks left this is the best ive been in years, i only use it every other night now, now its time to get rid of the damn red marks.....

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Well i been on differin for about 9 weeks going on 10 and i must say that it has slightly improved my face but i will advocate for the accutane now i dont need to prove myself with another retnoid i been on them all i been on all the benzos i been on most of the antibiotics. accutane has work will work and will probably be the only that works for me so next derm appt its accutane or accutane i will sit there til i get my accutane back cause im not like some people who complain about 1 spot i got like 5-6 cysts and papules and red marks so i think i deserve accutane. i know the risk i signed the paper and will take that paper to the derm.

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If this works, I *WILL* come back to let you all know, because I've been wondering the same thing--can I get clear off topical retinoids?

I think this is a big issue for those of us who don't get it bad enough to get Accutane (or can't for other reasons), yet who are a few notches above the Clearasil + Cetaphil OTC fixes.

I totally agree...it seems those of us with mild to moderate acne have a hard time finding something that is strong enough, but not too strong. We're not candidates for accutane, but everything else only helps to manage the acne, not clear it up completely. There's something to be said for acne that is very persistent, even if not severe. If you're an adult and have consistently been breaking out for a decade or more, despite trying every OTC treatment and retinoids, then maybe it is time to explore other options. Too many derms won't take it seriously though if the acne is not severe & causing scarring...


I've been using generics that make up a Ziana equivalent (clindamycin & tretinoin) for a year now, and it took about 4 months to see good results. The gel has been much better than the cream, which seemed to clog my pores even as it helped clear my inflammatory acne. So yes, retin-a has helped, but it's certainly not been 100% effective. It was great for fading old hyperpigmentation & reducing my inflammatory acne. However, I still have some comedal acne on my chin that has not budged at all, & today I have 5 large papules, which is a few too many for all the work I put in :doubt: . I was nearly clear of all inflamed zits this winter, but summertime is always worse.

Also, it is such a delicate balance to keep my skin from getting dried out & flaky with retin-a. I find that tretinoin often peels off when moisturizer is applied on top, even when I wait like a half hour for it to absorb, so that makes it difficult to keep very well moisturized.

I also still have to use BP or Mandelic Acid in the morning too, because a topical once day won't cut it for my inflammatory acne. I suggest to anyone using retin-a for awhile with only minimal results to use something else in the morning....be it BP or an 10-15% AHA of some kind. I think you have to attack the acne from different angles :D

Since this routine keeps me about 80-90% clear, my derm seems to think it is perfectly fine. It's hard to convince someone how bad your skin would be if you didn't put all the work in, & how frustrating it is not to get better results. I wonder if they saw me at my worst if I might get something stronger & more effective, but I'm not willing to risk the hyperpigmentation & general emotional pain from a bad breakout just to convince a derm to take my acne seriously.... My last derm thought my acne was sooo mild, no matter how much I emphasized that DKR had cleared me up a lot & it would be much worse otherwise.

I'm going to a new derm...and I'll see what she has to say. Just watch, my skin will clear up right before the visit :rolleyes::D

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^I think that's what I'm finding now, on week 20. Time to ask the derm for 'tane. :)

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