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Wake up clear, but whiteheads when at dinner

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I use Blue/Red light, and it's been working well for me.

I wake up with no whiteheads, and red cycsts calmed.

I wash up, put on sunscreen, going through the day.

But at around dinner time, the whiteheads just come back! and red cycsts look inflamed!

Why?? I don't think i'm using anything that clog my pores...

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That happens to me, too. I'd be suspicious of your sunscreen first. This phenomenon is the worst for me when I'm using something comedogenic (usually sunscreen) on my face. It happens anyway, but that's just makes it suck more.

I use products with a lot of anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant/antioxidant ingredients. Lately, I've been wondering if when the cysts get all inflamed and I get all itchy and flushed again, it's because those ingredients have degraded? Maybe swiping myself down with toner and reapplying sunscreen (both contain these ingredients) would help? I dunno if any of that applies to you, though.

On the diet front, I think drinking green tea is helping with the inflammation, so maybe you could try that, too, and see if it helps with the cysts.

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Well, I use Neutrogena 55 SPF Ultra-Sheer


I also have the SPF 70 version... But I don't use it because I want to finish the 55SPF first.

As for diet, I am very good. Vegetables, fruits, and clean meat.

I apply sunblock to my whole face, and it is only my chin and jawlines breaking out... Nowhere else.

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