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37 y/o- 17 year battle

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My story is this. I am a 37 y/o male, brazilian so I am genetically predisposed to acne it seems. I began my battle when I was 20 y/o. I think I hit puberty around then. Late bloomer. So over the past 17 years... yes 17 years! I have been battling this disease. And yes it is a disease as any other out there. I tried the dermatologist and his topical garbage, I've tried the RAW DIET(google it), that sucked for two months. My wife thought I was crazy. You should have seen the stuff I was buying and eating. Got off the raw diet after poor results. So I have literally tried 80% of the cleansers, moisturizers, acne lotions and routines out there. I stumbled across this site about two weeks ago and read the success story and figured I've tried everything else, why not give Dan's program a shot.

So here I am about two weeks into the program and I went from 4 red marks and zits on my face that were awful to pretty much clear, including the old blemishes, and there were quite a few.

I take Vitamins, A, B6, B Complex, Beta Carotine, Selenium and Chromium. Google these along with the word acne and there are sites that will explain the effect of each on acne. Wash twice a day, take your vitamins, keep the stress down and use Dan's program. I hope I don't jinx myself writing this so soon, but I wanted to share my success(albeit short term) story.


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That's wonderful! I want to move this to the Regimen section, but I think I'll leave it here since I believe many adults could benefit from Dan's regimen and they might not see this if I move it.

Congratulations on your good success. :)

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