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Accutane Mild/Extremely Persistant Acne

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Ok, so I have wanted to go on accutane for about a year now. I have had acne for 2 years. I had a derm appointment 2 months ago and didnt really say anything about accutane when i asked and and wanted to see how my skin looks when i came back two months later. I am so emotional about my acne i almost started crying in front of him. He prescipbed me a Climydacin lotion that made me break out even more even though i stuck with it for months! My acne has always been really really persistant..and even though its somewhat mild i get horrible breakouts..I can go from having perfectly clear skin to like 10 pimples in one day! It's getting rediculous. And lately ive gotten cysts (large painful deep ones) the size of atleast a nickel or quarter..they are so painful its difficult to eat sometimes. I also have a oil problem. I have tried numerous types of antibiotics, every over the counter product availible, birth control, duac gel, differin, vitamins, face washes, climydacin, etc etc. Acne has always had an immense effect on my life..i dont go to friends houses anymore..i used to play 4 sports.and now i play none..grades have dropped..etc.

So heres my question..If i told my derm all of this..do you think he would perscibe me a low dose of accutane? (I have a derm appointment in 5 days)

Or, how could I get him to perscibe my accutane? I just want a low dose to control and settle down my acne!!

This isnt even one of my bad breakouts, although it happend so fast!


Even though you cant see all the pimples.there are 9 of them total!!! And the big red spot on the left of the pictures is a hyperpigmentation spot left from a hugeee cyst



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I mean, it all depends on your dermatologist. Some derms are pretty compassionate and will give it to you after you've tried a bunch of other stuff.

Your acne really isn't bad. It's pretty mild. Although, if you are getting cysts, that would warrant accutane.

Personally, I've had derms say no to me when I had worse acne than you. So if this derm says no, consider going to a different one.

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I have very similiar acne to yours and my dermatologist told me from day 1 that it warranted me taking accutane but that we should try other things first. I agree that if your derm won't prescribe it you after you have tried all that, you should find a different dermatologist.

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Thanks..but i dont know if i have the patience to find another derm and wait months to get in for even an appointment..andanother month for accutane!

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I'm in the same boat as you. I go to a new derm in 9 days. I have had acne for 18 years and have been on tons of prescriptions. My acne varies from mild to horrific, fluctuating all the time. I wouldn't say that I have cystic acne, but I do get at least 1 underground demon about twice a month, the rest of my "regular" acne is still all over my face...and my back..and my chest :cry: I keep going over in my head everything I want to say, just short of getting on my knees and begging him for Accutane. So I guess we just have to wait and see what happens. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! :pray:

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I was in the same basic situation as both of you, my acne was even more mild if you can believe it but it was very persistant and even though my skin did have bad major breakouts I always had trouble areas where the pimples just never went away. So what I tried to do was ask my derm about accutane, but what happened to me is as soon as I brought it up my derm would say something like you def don't need it or how about this treatment even though I HAD TRIED EVERYTHING. So what I did was realize that I would never be able to explain it to him in person, so I wrote a letter about all the reasons I thought I was elligible for accutane (tried many medications for years, persistant) and dropped it off at his office (i gave it to the receptionist and told her it was a question about my medication). The next day I was in for a blood test and on accutane within a few weeks. Good luck and I hope you can get the medication, I believe it would really help.

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