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Gum/b/ullah al-Kafir

BP and premature aging?

Hey all.

You guys probably don't know me because I pretty much stick to the Lounge. Anyway, I was just casually reading the thread about Dan's BP gel and how great it is when a thing occured to me. Namely, since BP creates oxygen, thus inhibiting the functioning of acne bacteria, does this oxidation also result in the aging of the skin? I ask this because effectively all the best anti-aging face creams typically claim to have some kind of ANTI-OXIDATION properties. I've never used BP myself, tho I might try out the gel as a means of maintaing my clear skin. I have very youthful skin and I wouldn't want to age it prematurely. Any thoughts?


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Hi Gumby, this topic comes up periodically. There seems to be mixed opinons about whether bp causes free radical damage, I know Paula Begouin does not recommend hydrogen peroxide (because it has an unstable oxygen molecule) but still recommends benzoyl peroxide. Personally, I think anything that dries your skin will contribute to wrinkling longterm. Anecdotally one of the small upsides from acne is that excess sebum seems to make acne sufferers less likely to age prematurely in the first place. My other thought is that untreated p.acnes bacteria is likely to cause far more collagen damage (in this instance scarring) than bp or any other topical.

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BP is more likely to damage you skin with the constant bleaching effects, in a gentle way of course.

The oxygen factor is nothing more than a basic way to kill bacteria on and in the skin, this does not mean these invoked free radicals will accelerate the ageing process.

BP has been widely used for the treatment of acne, for over 50 years.

Over that period, no reported cases of premature aging has been scientifically proven. :-k

This obviously suggests that until proper studies are carried out and evidence has been found linking BP to prem-ageing, no one has the real answer unfortunatley.

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I have actually read that bp is an anti-inflammatory, which as far as I know is good for aging.

Speaking from personal experience, the skin onto which I have applied bp for, oh, 18 or so years now off and on, is actually tighter and more balanced than where I have not. It definitely has not made me age faster.

I do have wrinkles around my eyes tho, but I never put bp there. That's another site I'd like to visit. wrinkles.org biggrin.gif


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