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Acne and Drooling In My Sleep

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As the title says I drool in my sleep. I sleep on my back and my head tends to lean a little to my right side. I rarely get acne anywhere except on my lower right jaw and chin area. I occasionally get acne on the left side of my face and when I do its in the lower jaw and chin area. I salivate a lot it seems like when I am awake and just going about my day. Even if I just ate myself to the point of exploding after like a half an hour I will be salivating for no reason. When I wake up I often see wet spots on my pillow from drooling. One time when I was driving to North Dakota with my dad to visit his family I feel asleep and started drooling. When I woke up The bottom of my chin and jaw where wet and later that night at the hotel I had new spots on skin that had previously been clear right where the drool had been. The spots looked alot like the kind of acne I normally get. It just doesn't make sense to me that only the front lower half of my face gets acne and the rest is pretty much always clear. I have tried changing my pillow case every couple of days and it made no difference.

Edit: Forgot to add something. I had a little breakout a couple days ago in the same area and there was a line of dry skin leading directly from the corner of my mouth that fanned out over where the acne developed.

-So what do you think

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You could talk to your doctor about Atropine sulfate tablets, they're used to dry up people who are naturally excessive salvators. Though I personally have a more old fashion approach to the problem.

A wonderful invention was actually invented for situations just like this. Duct tape. It sounds silly, but maybe you should consider somehow sealing shut your mouth for a week and seeing the results.

Just make sure you don't drown yourself.

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