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I just popped a huge pimple and put an icecube on it until the icecube melted. It seemed to have gotten rid of most of the redness. I just thought this was cool, heh. Thoughts?

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When I started using Sage's face products they recommend "icing" the face twice a day to help with inflammation. I find that it helps as well. I only do it for about a minute though.

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I also use the Sage skin care line and have heard about icing...both in the Acne Cure (icing the BP) and from Sage.

Not only that, but in a book about old fashioned beauty treatments, the author was telling how her mother would make the girls go out when it snowed and rub the snow all over their faces (I wish I had brought that book back with me!).

My mother also seemed to feel that people in colder climates generally had a brighter, prettier complexion because of the cold climates.

Who can say for sure? What works for some might not work for others....but it sure does get the blood flowing!

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indeed, icing helps me. Talk to any Swedish fellow and you will find they go in the sauna and run outside in the freezing cold to get the blood flowing. I read in one of my books that initially, cold slows your blood down, but after you become comfortable with the cold your body responds by sending more fresh blood to the inflicted area. Other way around with hot, as you should notice after going in a hot bath or steam room reall does relax and tire you, while jumping in a pool of ice almost gives you a heart attack!

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Hmmmm, interesting. Some pimples i've "iced" after i popped them, have either healed really fast, or gotten more infected and came straight back.

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