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Beauty Light 8 weeks treatment

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Hello everybody,

i suffered with really bad acne in my teenage years I am now 23 years old and have mild acne. I have tried everything, including 2 go's on roacutane which worked great for maybe a few months after i came off the tablets. :rolleyes:

As a last resort i turned to beauty light.

I changed my routine while on this treatment so this must be taken into account.

i switched from salic acid nutrogena oil free acne wash, to dove extra sensitive ph balanced bar, i stopped washing my neck twice a day to just once briefly after i shave, i now shave everyday instead of once every other day.

I used the beauty light once a day for 15minutes everyday around the same time at 4.

diet remained the same.

I had to stop using oxy salic acid stick after my beauty light because it made every spot grow a big white head.....er thats about it.......i had to adapt my gogles with masking tape(lots of it) because the world turned a greenish blue after treatment this might seem cool to some of you who reported a similar experince but this is not a good sign, you only get one set of eyes dont abuse them.

So i will post my photos and make my judgement at the end so you can make your own mind up just looking at the photos. I took my first photo 4 days into the treatment mainly because i forgot to take a photo, the day 4 photo is not far from one of my bad days so isnt really a good rep of how my acne is normally, i would have taken more and made sure of better clarity at first but i wasnt keen on taking photos of my awful skin.

the photos are in order of 4days in, 13/14 days in, and 8 weeks in:

Sorry this post is rushed i dont have alot of time on my hands.





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Cant upload other cheeck need to make the file size smaller somehow, tried to crop it as much as i could but no luck



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Sorry about that the hosting for photos through this message board isnt good enough to take most of the pictures.


Looking back over the photo's i think the most important being the ones 4 days in, and those at the end of the 8 weeks(see below), and i have to say they dont look like before and after shots.





In between the end and begining my spots were calm, but the day after those photos i would have atleast one of them become angry and become a major blemish, you can tell which ones if you look at the photo's. i wish i could have my face as calm as they were in some of those photos every day but for some reason i cant control that.

so did i see any improvement? well i think maybe my blemishes did fade quicker, maybe, but im not sure. The spots on my neck are not as bad not but i think that this had more todo with how i changed my method, the neck is a very sensitive area and i dont think washing it twice a day like my face does it any good, coupled with the fact i now use a shaving balm on that area .

up untill the last 2-3 weeks i was thinking it was doing an ok job and i might keep it around, but then i had a bad outbreak, the kind that made me turn to beauty light in the first place.

You can see on the end photos where they are, keep in mind these are 2 weeks after the out break so they were pretty bad.

my experince last night made my mind up for me, i had washed my face noticed the spots that were there because i had took the photos, i used the light, went to college, then maybe 4 hours later more spots appear, one really painful one above my lip that i had to pop.

i am really annoyed that it didnt work, this was my last resort.

All it takes for my spots to go is 2 weeks of sun in the sunshine state so i had high hopes for this treatment. Instead i live in rainy england with no sun to mention. I must also say that the beauty light has given my major dandruff and made one or two ice pick scars out of nothing, there was no spot there or anywhere near but i still had scars come through.

The annoying thing is i think i have mild acne that wouldnt take much to clear, but there is nothing out there, part of me wants to see if 12 weeks would make any difference, but i doubt it (anyone had any experince of that?), besides the money back offer was for 60 days and £180 is alot of money to risk with nothing to justify it on.

So that is my experince, and looking through the board it quite alot of peoples experince, so maybe this beauty light isnt all what its cut out to be.

I would suggest trying if you are thinking about it, maybe it will work for you, but for me and my mild acne its a none mover.

Good luck

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