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I suppose the thing about that is, it just demonstrates how little they care. I mean, they wouldn't try to touch our faces if it grossed them out entirely. Which means it doesn't!

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I expect ur boyfriend feels that u r on the same 'level' as him,he may be good looking but i expect he sees u in the exact same way =]

My boyfriend (of a yr and a half) says im beautiful all the time and he seems to see something different to what i see in the mirror,i doubt u wud be with this boy and love him so much if he cudnt see past ur spots?

U probably feels equally as lucky maybe even more that he has u

He must think ur beautiful inside and out and at the end of the day i guess ur spots arent guna stop that or him thinkin that =]

It really sounds like uve got 1 of the good ones there =]

x x x

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Also does ne1 keep there make up on when they stay ova at there bfs house?

I no thats really bad 4 ur skin but i use to just drend him seeing me without it!

I dont do it nemore,he doesnt even think i need makeup =] but many ppl have said it makes them do crazy irrational things so i was just wondering wot the wierdest thing ne of u lot have done to hide it from ur bf/gf?

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