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Bio oil - Fading Scars!

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If you have got red marks from acne scars or watever scars, even pitted scars try using 'Bio Oil' it has got the breakthrough ingredient 'Purcellin Oil'. I have been using this for about 2 months and have seen heaps of result, i had very red scars from large pimples and acne for years, now there fading very quickly, which is great! TRY IT!!

its only about $15 too!


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you dont have to believe me! im just trying to help people..i just discovered this forum 2nite so...sorry 4 not having more posts!

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cool, glad to know someone else had results with it! my friend told me about this, she used it for acne scars and strech marks too! its soo much better than anything else i have used!

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In the final report summary, I saw this

A 4-week user-trial to test the effectiveness of Bio-Oil for scars was conducted in the United Kingdom by Ayton-Moon Consultancy. Scar ages ranged from a few months to 10 years, with improvements being recorded throughout. Each of the 3 scar types (raised, flat and depressed) responded equally favourably to Bio-Oil.

it claims to help depressed scars too. Wondering if it is true..

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Haha...Not till I run out of my other stuff... O:)

Actually it is not sold in the US and that map isn't very helpful either.

I found it here, I tend to save all this information in different categories. This is just going into my skin products folder. It s not in my buy folder yet. O:)

I have various skin information folders too. biggrin.gif

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Yeah i'm sure they would sell it anywhere in Australia! But there is a pharmacy website in the thread that someone posted that ships this product world wide i think?

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I got this letter from Bio-oil about where to get the products if you are in the States:

Dear Misty,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for your interest

in Bio-Oil.

As you probably know, Bio-Oil is a South African product that is being

rolled out internationally, starting with the English-speaking

countries. It was launched in the UK in April, Australia in October and

New Zealand in December. We hope to launch Bio-Oil in the USA and Canada

within 18 months, and will keep you posted on our website as to any

developments in this regard.

Regrettably, we do not have a mail order service. However, I am aware of

two online pharmacies based in the UK, www.westons.com and

www.garden.co.uk, that apparently sell Bio-Oil. I hope that they will be

able to offer you a positive response.

Yours sincerely

Claire Thring

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The UK has this!!!! Oh wow!!!! We never have anything ... how is this possible?

I really don't think I could fit another oil into my regimen though

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i got bio-oil ages ago however when i tired it my skin got very red a slightly itchey ( an allergy probably). so maybe people with sensitive skin should use it cautiously.

however it it relatively cheap and it seems to be available in most chemists and health food shops here so if it for sale in ireland it must definently be available in the uk maya!!

i hope it works wounders for ye


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On the website it says it's available in the large Sainsburys stores! Will take a wonder down those Aisles soon I guess..

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i bought Bio-oil at the local chemist , i'm gonna try it out and see if it helps [-o< ...

Nessy - how long did u use it before u saw results? and how many times a day did u apply it?

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