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Not sure what to do anymore

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Hey everyone.

1 year ago I was very concerned w/ a small scar (which has since nearly healed to the point where I only faintly notice it even when looking up close) on my face.

This small scar caused me such distress that I fell into a depression and couldn't go out.

Well towards the summer I read up on fraxel. I went into a consultation, the doc showed me pics of the usual before/after that's on reliant's website. He said it would work well for me and that I had far less scarring than his other patients.

So I went in for a tx eventually. My first and last. He put me on very conservative settings. 14-16 I believe. 8 passes maybe - my memory is foggy. I am dark-skinned (brown, I'm asian) , so this was the best route.

Anyways just afterwards I broke out and got a scar on my temple. I didn't pick at it at all, it just healed into a boxcar scar. Then another lesion developed on my cheek. This I picked like an idiot and it developed a very small hypertropthic scar.

Well, eventually I just gave up because I had made things infintely worse for myself over the course of a couple of weeks.

That small scar which I had initially worried about was the end of the world for me and I didnt realize how insignificant it was in relation to my scarring now.

Im 23 years old and not until a year and a half ago did I ever have acne scarring issues. Now its prevented me from enjoying life and Im not the same person I once was.

I dont even know what to do anymore about the scarring because I just dont think I can fix it. I know its irrational to want 100% improvement but I cant help it.

What compounds this feeling of desperation and anger is how quickly it happened. Just one year ago I was infintely better than I am now. Everything just gets worse.

Sorry, I just felt like venting.

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