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Probiotics benefical for skin

Hello everyone,

I don't get on here often but I wanted everyone to know what has helped me with keeping my skin clear and under control. I take a probiotic called acidophilus once a day and it really helps with keeping my skin under control. It's not documented for helping clear skin but it works for me and I know of a few other people that take it for their skin as well. It does have other benefits to it also. You can get a bottle of about 60 tablets usually for about $8 at Wal-mart and I take 1 tablet a day but before you go off and just start taking some acidophilus b/c some random person on the internet told you to try it, please do a search about probiotics (acidophilus) and see if it's right for you or ask your healthcare/nutritionist about it. Probiotics also help maintain a healthy balance in your digestive system and help aid in nutrient absorbtion (i think that the nutrient absorbtion probably play a big role in helping w/ maintaining good skin) But again do a search or talk to a professional about it and see if it's right for you. (I do know that if you have pancreas problems then you probably shouldn't take it) Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what works for me, I do still get an occasional pimple and will get a few more if I forget to take my acidophilus for a couple days. I had moderate skin problems before and am a 23 yr old female though I don't think gender or age really makes a difference with this. (also ladies, probiotics also really help control yeast in your system so it doesn't cause yeast infections or will help if you already have one) I hope I helped somebody out there and I will check in for a while on this if anyone has questions.


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Oh yeah, I used to take the same thing for my chronic yeast infections (yay!! :wall: ) and they helped clear up my skin too (I think) so I started taking them again recently...

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I take probiotics everyday. I get them from the health food store. It doesn't seem to help my acne.

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