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Can BP bleach your HAIR?

I am Korean American and though I am part American, my hair is always a deep black. I noticed that my hair close to my forehead is turning a brownish color. It isn't super-noticeable but I want to know if BP can bleach it. If it can I need to be extra careful on the usage.

Also, does Alpha Hydroxy bleach? Stupid question prolly, but I just want to make sure.

Lastly, will the effects subside over time or is it permanent? (If the BP is doing this)

I would really appreciate some input. Thanks!

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Benzoyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide will bleach your hair and clothing. Your hair will fall out and regrow, so it is not permanent. smile.gif

No, I don't think AHA bleaches.

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yeah, I have a deep brown color to my hair and I'm noticing light shades of highlights forming on my bangs... :-k I think it sort of looks cool, I usually get highlights during the summer anyways, this was just a weird little surprise.

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once tried to bleech my hair (well a little bit of it) with bp, was prescription stuff (from the doc) so it was quite a strong % , (sorry can't remember exactly what %)

put a big glob of it on the end of a clump of my hairs, left it there all night, didn't do a thing

heh , this is prob due to the fact that my hairs a very dark brown colour.

moral of the story:

if you have fine or fair hair, then yes it will prob effect it

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