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is it ok to bench press?

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i get a acne on my back and shoulders. most of it are just dark scars now. does anyone have an opinion on whether doing bench presses will make it worse? i kinda figure it does since you're on your back holding up a bunch of weight.

part of me thinks if i could learn to sleep on my stomach it would clear up faster. maybe im sleeping on my shoulder too much too.

any opinions?

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Hm, I don't bench press as much but I do lift weights, logically speaking I would guess that it wouldn't do your back acne any good since you're on a hard bench putting pressure on the acne which would probably irritate it.

Imagine putting 150 pounds on a pimple...

Just my 2 cents.

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yes i do bench, and i also have bacne (yes i realize that doesnt help my point), but im pretty sure benching is not going to do anything to your acne.

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I bench press and doesn't do anything to me, I do sit ups to and that would prob effect it more as your back keeps touching and rubbing the ground, but it doesn't do anything to me. :)

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smash prolly riight

I work where i need to lift things... on a warehouse i notice my back getting worse.. etc

gonna have to quit my job but gonna wait a bit more cause i am going to buy BP %10 soap or w.e..

see if helps.

if not i need an easy job... lol

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