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naturopathic treatment

I had problems with acne on my back (especially), chest and face. I tried a number of topical treatments with various success but the acne just kept coming back. I finally went to a naturopath who recommended several things:

1. Chaste Tree Berry capusules- once a day to regulate hormonal imbalaces.

2. Good multivitamins- high in vitamin B

3. Evening primrose (500 mg) 2x daily

4. Ground Flax meal (with food)

5. lots of water

This treatment has been completely effective for me- I have no acne anymore. It works quickly with no side effects and no more annoying creams, etc... Hope that this info helps someone else.

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i am going to see a naturopath soon it was recommended to me by the person treating my face i know it will make me better since i hardly sleep and have intestinal problems

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can I ask, are you male or female? It's just different things are used to balance the hormones of males/females. Thanks

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if you don't mind i have a few questions:

what is your history of medications?

how bad was your acne before as far as severity?

how long did it take for this combination to start working?

i used primrose oil for about 2 months and just stopped last week. now my cramps are coming back full force and i normally don't have them mid-cycle sad.gif though i can't say they'vehelpe with the acne much. it's probably the combination that works.

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